2016 Business and Financial Summary


During 2016 St Vincent’s Foundation received €504,441 between fundraising proceeds, donations and other minor sources. This was an increase of 4% on 2015.   The chart below demonstrates the full breakdown of funds received.


The sums received increased over the course of the year with just €130,745 of the total income coming in the first half of the year with €374,000 received in the second half.

€462,574 of funds received were restricted to specific causes with just €35,673 unrestricted


Individual details of all receipts are shown on the website



During the year we made grant disbursements of €271,300. The majority (€253,930) being spent on vital medical research with the remaining €17,300 used for purchase of equipment for patient care and comfort. The latter figure was counter-balanced by a repayment of spend in earlier years of c€21,000 so the net position was a credit


All Grants are shown separately on our website



St Vincent’s Foundation continues to operate on a voluntary basis. Costs therefore amounted to just €21,760. Principal expenses are fees for accounting, legal and insurance, website development and maintenance  and production of twice-yearly donor’s magazine which in total cost c€10,000. Travel costs, call-centre payments, commission payments for online donations and depreciation made up the balance. The slight cost increase is attributed mainly to higher depreciation as we created a new website.

The full details of the 2016 Accounts are available below.

2013 SVF accounts file

2014 SVF accounts file


SVF final signed accounts 2016