2019 Business and Financial Summary


During 2019 St. Vincent’s Foundation received €567,823. These come from donations, bequests, fundraising events, donations in lieu of funeral flowers and other minor sources. This was an increase of 10% on 2018.  The chart below demonstrates the full breakdown of funds received.

The first half of the year generated €223,168 of the total income with €344,155 received in the second half.

The average sum received each year is just around €500,000 so we are very pleased with the outcome for 2018. Fundraising by a wide range of supporters and events continued to be very important as well as the very generous decision by many bereaved families to request donations to St. Vincent’s in lieu of funeral flowers.

Reclaims of taxation on donations are included in the overall donation figure.

€444,255 of funds received were restricted to specific causes with just €123,475 unrestricted.

Individual details of all receipts are shown on the website


During the year we made grant disbursements of €346,227.

€55,288 of total grants was provided to purchase equipment for patient support.

€290,939 was contributed to Research projects and €55,288 to patient support.

All Grants are shown separately on our website


St. Vincent’s Foundation continues to operate on a voluntary basis with no salaries or wages. Costs therefore amounted to just €19,346 (2018 €12,721). The increase of 52% is accounted for by timing of payment for expenses, for professional fees and website hosting, where bills for 2018 were not presented until 2019. This had the effect of depressing 2018 costs by c.€4,000 and increasing 2019 by a similar amount. Principal expenses are fees for accounting, legal and insurance; website hosting and maintenance; and production of our twice-yearly donor’s magazine Friends of St. Vincent’s. Travel costs, telephone costs, commission payments to EverydayHero for online donations, depreciation and financial charges made up the balance.

The 2019 detailed Audited accounts are available below.


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