Donor & Fundraising Details

2020 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
20/01/202020Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
13/01/2020250Palliative CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
13/01/20201350Cancer CareTaylors Three Rock fundraising in memory of Stephen Kelly
13/01/20201702.15Cancer CareDublin Marathon 2019 fundraising
11/01/2020100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
05/01/2020150Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
03/01/202010Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
02/01/202030Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
01/01/20202250.65Patient CareDublin Marathon 2019 fundraising
01/01/20201474.83Liver UnitDublin Marathon 2019 fundraising
01/01/2020948.56Patient CareDublin Marathon 2019 fundraising
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor