Donor & Fundraising Details

2021 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
20/01/2021250Covid 19 in recognition of the great care by staffBarbara & Roisin
19/01/20212000Commodes and other equipmentAnonymous Donation
19/01/20211280Cancer CareMcCann Family fundraiser at St. Anne's Church Mullaghbuoy
17/01/202130Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
17/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
15/01/2021100Breast Cancer ResearchAnonymous Donation
15/01/2021100Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
15/01/202117Intensive Care UnitAnonymous Donation
13/01/2021300Patient CareIrish Pensions & Finance
13/01/202150Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
13/01/20211355St Anne's/OncologyNenagh Lawn Tennis Club in Memory of Shaun Hilmi
12/01/202120Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
12/01/2021250Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
12/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
11/01/2021100Patient CareAnonymous lodgement
11/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
11/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
09/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
08/01/202117Intensive Care UnitAnonymous Donation
07/01/2021513.25Patient CareBenevity donation
07/01/202125Patient CareAnonymous Donation
05/01/202150Patient CareAnonymous Donation
04/01/202121Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
03/01/2021200Pancreatic Cancer careAnonymous Donation
03/01/202117Intensive Care UnitAnonymous Donation
01/01/202130Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
01/01/202150ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
01/01/202110StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor