Donor & Fundraising Details

2019 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
16/01/2019200Renal UnitAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
15/01/201910Breast CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
15/01/201920Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
15/01/201915Patient CareAnonymous Donation
15/01/201920Pancreatic CancerAnonymous Donation
15/01/201920Patient CareAnonymous Donation
14/01/2019250Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
14/01/20193570Liver Unit2018 Women's Mini Marathon and related fundraising in memory of Linda Killian
14/01/2019105Liver UnitAviva Insurance Commercial Motor & Farm Dept. Kriskindle donation
11/01/2019100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
09/01/20195844Liver UnitAoife Sully's Liver Transplant event
09/01/2019250I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory funeral donations
09/01/20191050Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchFuneral donations in memory of Evelyn Stewart
03/01/2019100Cancer CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
03/01/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
03/01/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
02/01/20192095Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchCoffee Morning in memory of Margaret McKeon RIP
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor