Donor & Fundraising Details

2024 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
21/02/20241000Enda McDermott SIM LabSt. Michael's College donation
21/02/20241155Pancreatic Cancer patient careAnonymous donation
21/02/2024100Cancer Research (Leukemia).Anonymous in Memory donation
20/02/202420Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
19/02/202475Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
16/02/202440Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
12/02/202475Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
08/02/202440Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
07/02/2024114000DermatologyGainshare programme
02/02/202450Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
01/02/202420Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
01/02/20242684St. Anne's CancerBray Vet fundraising walk and donations in memory of Jane Ward RIP
01/02/20242000SIM Lab developmentSt. Michael's College Christmas Tree sale fundraising donation
31/01/202450Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
30/01/202420Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
29/01/202475Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
30/01/202410Patient CareAnonymous donation
28/01/202425Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
28/01/2024100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/01/2024100Patient CareAnonymous donation
26/01/202410Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/202450ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/01/20242857.83Colorectal Cancer care and research2023 Lambay Christmas Lights fundraiser
24/01/2024180Liver UnitEamon Burke Memorial Swim fundraising
22/01/202420Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
22/01/202420Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/01/2024100Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
19/01/202420Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
19/01/202450Liver UnitAnonymous donation
13/01/2024100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
13/01/2024100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
11/01/202450St. Anne's CancerAnonymous donation
05/01/2024100Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
04/01/2024480Liver UnitEamon Burke Memorial Swim fundraising
04/01/20241000Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
02/01/2024150Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor