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St. Vincent’s Foundation is the fundraising body for St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group (St. Vincent’s University Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital & St. Vincent’s Private Hospital) and is run on a voluntary basis. We can therefore guarantee that all donated funds go to patient care, research & education.

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What People Did To Help


Rebecca Mahon’s “Count for Covid” fundraiser for I.C.U.

In a highly innovative fundraising, Becci Mahon from Blackrock,, Co. Dublin raised €8,400.59 for the Intensive Care Unit in St. Vincent’s.  Becci set up a GoFundMe page and included a competition to guess the amount of sweets in a jar.  The winner got a prize of a superb hamper.  The funds raised by Becci are enabling the purchase of an additional iPad for I.C.U. patients and a significant investment in advanced specialist training for nursing staff in the Unit.

Becci’s motivation is very well expressed in her own words:

“…. my mum was rushed into hospital with Covid 19 and pneumonia. Within a few days things took a very bad turn for her as she was brought to ICU and put on a ventilator to fight for her life. After a week on the ventilator, thanks to the wonderful care and dedicated staff, my mum was able to come off it and began to breathe on her own….  Words cannot describe how grateful my family and I are to the incredible ICU staff working at St. Vincent’s.”

We are very grateful to her and her family.


 Crutchless Ciaron’s 25km Challenge

Ciaron Noble from Brittas Bay, County Wicklow makes little of his dealing with Cerebral Palsy. An amazing man, Ciaron set up a GoFundMe page and set himself the challenge of completing 25km over a five day period recently. In doing so, he has raised almost €28,000 which was shared equally between Enable Ireland and St. Vincent’s Foundation, for frontline staff support.

We are most grateful to Ciaron for presenting proceeds of €13,501.22 to St. Vincent’s.

Thank you Ciaron.

Mark’s Burke’s fundraising for I.C.U.

Mark Burke from County Wicklow, having experienced the full impact of Covid-19, was determined to use the opportunity to fundraise for frontline staff whom he describes as “frontline heroes”.

Mark, his wife Joanne, family and supporters raised the enormous sum of €11,428.74. This will be directly applied to specialist training of frontline staff in the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.) in St. Vincent’s.

Mark’s funds will make an enormous tangible difference to future patients in I.C.U.

Mark describes his motivation and fundraising in the following:

 “We wish for the funds to go for further training of specialist education of staff to accommodate the extra pressures these nurses have had to face. 

 The incredible support, dedication and care that I have received from St. Vincent’s ICU team saved my life and myself and my family will be forever grateful for the immense work put in by the nursing team. 

 I would like to point out that under these extraordinary circumstances that we have all found ourselves in that it is our belief and experience that the nurses of Ireland have wholeheartedly saved the country from a tsunami of deaths. 

 We thank them. We appreciate them and we will never ever forget them.” 


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