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St. Vincent’s Foundation is the fundraising body for St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group (St. Vincent’s University Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital & St. Vincent’s Private Hospital) and is run on a voluntary basis. We can therefore guarantee that all donated funds go to patient care, research & education.

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Poetry in support of St. Vincent’s

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Eamonn & Mary Burke’s St. Stephen’s Day Charity Swim 26th December 2022 in aid of the Liver Unit

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VHI Women’s Mini Marathon Sunday 4th June 2023 – fundraise for St. Vincent’s

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What People Did To Help


Tom & Yvonne Smyth, with Carnew Mart – fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research

In one of the most inventive fundraisers we have experienced, Tom & Yvonne Smyth decided to raised funds from the sale of a bullock, to support Breast Cancer Research in St. Vincent’s, where Tom’s sister Bridie had been a patient.

In an outstanding partnership with Carnew Mart, the bullock was auctioned on Saturday 4th June and fetched an extraordinarily fine price of €2,500. Carnew Mart topped this up with a direct contribution of €500 and subsequent donations from people aware of the sale, amounted to €600. The €3,600 thus raised is a terrific contribution to Breast Cancer Research here in St. Vincent’s.

Fundraising raffle for Renal/Dialysis Unit in St. Vincent’s

Michael McHugh from County Wicklow organised a “first” for St. Vincent’s fundraising. He arranged a terrific online raffle through iDonate for the renal/dialysis unit here in St. Vincent’s. Headlined by the first prize of a charolais heifer and with a wide range of other great prizes, Michael raised a magnificent total of €8,636.22.

Michael’s fundraising was in memory of his late father Michael who was a patient for many years in St. Vincent’s.

On behalf of current and future patients, we are really thankful to Michael, his family and supporters.


Fundraising for St. Anne’s & I.C.U. in St. Vincent’s by Charlene Murphy

Following the premature birth of her daughter Freya in February 2022, Charlene Murphy from Tullow, County Carlow spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit and St. Anne’s Ward here in St. Vincent’s.

After her successful recovery, Charlene and her husband Pàdraig fundraised to benefit the three hospitals involved in the care of Charlene and of Freya and in the process raised the amazing total of almost €14,500 to be shared between the three hospitals.

Charlene and Pàdraig called their challenging venture The Dublin to The DÈISE cycle! Our journey for Freya, which took them from St. Vincent’s Hospital to the Waterford SCBU where Freya was cared for after her birth. We are delighted to share some of the photos taken at the cycle.

From the total funds raised, €4,421.85 was donated for St. Anne’s Ward in St. Vincent’s to purchase an exercise machine for patients. In addition they donated €2,250 for equipment and education in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital. This contribution of nearly €6,700 for the benefit of patients in St. Vincent’s is most appreciated.

Finally we are delighted to report that Freya is a happy and healthy baby now of nine months old.

Our Commitment to You

As a Voluntary Charity, St. Vincent's Foundation complies with all applicable standards

Charities Governance Code
Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising

We further support transparency for all Stakeholders by displaying all donations and grants on this website.

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