Donor Charter

St. Vincent’s Foundation commits to the highest standards of relationship with donors.

Specifically donors are entitled to expect the following:

  • That St. Vincent’s Foundation will operate a high level of organisational governance and that donors will receive details of the Foundation Board and Management if requested.
  • That all donations, fundraising proceeds and grants will be recorded on a publicly accessible database (see Income and Grants for details).
  • That all funds that are restricted by the donor will be dedicated to the specified cause. If we envisage that this will not be feasible, we will decline to accept the donation.
  • To receive a written receipt for donations, within one week of making a contribution, provided that donor contact details are provided with the donation.
  • To be assured that all donations will be handled respectfully and will remain confidential if this is the donor’s wish subject only to any legal constraints.
  • To have their names deleted from electronic or physical mailing lists within one week of making such request.
  • To be advised, if requested, if people seeking donations are volunteers or employees of St. Vincent’s Foundation.
  • That all staff who deal with donors will do so in a professional way.