2017 Archive

Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
30/12/2017100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
29/12/2017300Liver UnitAylesbury Park Football Team
28/12/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
28/12/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
28/12/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
24/12/201750Patient CareAnonymous Donation
22/12/2017100Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous Donation
22/12/201720Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
21/12/2017100Liver UnitMini Marathon fundraising
21/12/2017100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
21/12/20172924.10Patient Care & ResearchCollection Box proceeds (4th Quarter)
21/12/201720Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
20/12/201750Patient CareAnonymous Donation
20/12/201775St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
20/12/201720St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
20/12/201750St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
20/12/2017150St. Anne's CancerAnonymous Donation
20/12/20177745Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchChristmas Cards & Raffle
19/12/201750St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
19/12/2017100St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
18/12/2017300Liver UnitWedding Favours from Laoisha & Fergal
18/12/20172500Liver UnitBirr Community Nursing Unit Transplant Party
18/12/201770St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
18/12/201770St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
18/12/2017250St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
18/12/201750St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
16/12/2017300Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous Donation
14/12/20171030.78Liver UnitDublin Marathon 2017
14/12/2017200Patient CareAnonymous Donation
12/12/201750St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
11/12/20171000Cystic FibrosisAnonymous In Memory donation
11/12/2017975St. Anne's CancerMini Marathon fundraising
07/12/20172250Liver ResearchAbbvie Pharma
06/12/20173481.89Patient CareTax Refund on donations
06/12/2017300Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
06/12/20175812.98Liver UnitSarah O'Sullivan & Family Support Fund donation
06/12/20171000Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchAnonymous Donation
04/12/201710Cancer ResearchAnonymous Standing Order
04/12/2017550St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
04/12/2017110Patient CarePhone Recycling proceeds
30/11/201714730Dermatology training projectAbbvie Limited
28/11/2017100Psycho OncologyCourse fees
27/11/201770Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
27/11/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
27/11/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/11/2017350Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
24/11/2017200Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchAnonymous Donation
24/11/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/11/2017225Liver ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
23/11/2017200Palliative CareAnonymous Donation
23/11/2017500Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
20/11/20171000Cancer ResearchAnonymous Bequest
20/11/2017448.09Cancer ResearchKasia's Everest Base Camp
20/11/201750Patient CareMini Marathon fundraising
17/11/20171950Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchRemembrance Run 2017
16/11/20172765Breast Cancer Care & ResearchHazel Brack's Pink Day - Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt
14/11/201730Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
14/11/20171255Liver Unit & I.C.U.Dublin Marathon 2017
13/11/2017390Patient CareHarry O'Reilly Memorial Bike Run Raffle Killeshandra
13/11/2017250NeurologyAnonymous Donation
10/11/2017100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
10/11/2017200Cancer ResearchMini Marathon fundraising
09/11/2017260Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donations
08/11/2017250Pancreatic Cancer CareAnonymous Donation
06/11/2017250Cystic FibrosisCounty Longford Golf Club Ladies Committee
03/11/201710CancerAnonymous Standing Order
01/11/20175300Liver UnitEast Cork Gun Club Clay Pigeon Fundraiser
31/10/2017100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
26/10/20172375Breast Cancer CareChristine Kearney's Halloween Raffle
26/10/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/10/2017550Psycho OncologyCourse fees
25/10/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/10/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
24/10/2017100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
24/10/2017348.69Eating Disorders UnitTESCO Merrion Shopping Centre - Community Fund
23/10/201710St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
20/10/20178345.85ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
19/10/2017350Psycho OncologyCourse fees
19/10/2017100Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
19/10/201740Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
19/10/201740Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
18/10/201731961.23Respiratory PulmonaryICLAF 2016 Conference
17/10/20175219.74St. Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
12/10/20172100St. Anne's CancerTom Kennedy Memorial Run 2017
12/10/2017250End of Life SuitesAnonymous In Memory donation
09/10/20172000Medical ResearchAnonymous Donation
06/10/201750000Liver Unit, Intensive Care Unit & related causesAnonymous Donation
04/10/201710Cancer ResearchAnonymous Standing Order
02/10/201750Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
30/09/20171526.30Patient Care & ResearchCollection Box proceeds (3rd Quarter)
28/09/2017100Psycho OncologyCourse fees
27/09/201750Psycho OncologyCourse fees
26/09/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/09/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/09/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
22/09/2017100Diabetes Patient CareAnonymous Donation
18/09/20172228Liver UnitMini Marathon fundraising
14/09/2017250intensive Care UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
13/09/201750Psycho OncologyCourse fees
08/09/201715000St. Vincent's Private HospitalHugh Cooney Memorial fundraising
08/09/20178175.95ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
07/09/2017965.74Patient CareTony Walsh Allcare Pharmacy Merrion S.C. Give for Good campaign
07/09/2017250Psycho OncologyCourse fees
05/09/2017140Breast Cancer CareMini Marathon fundraising
04/09/2017300Renal Dialysis UnitAnonymous Donation
04/09/201750Psycho OncologyCourse fees
04/09/201710Cancer ResearchAnonymous Standing Order
29/08/201720000Cancer Research in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Bequest
29/08/2017150Psycho OncologyCourse fees
28/08/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/08/2017345Pancreatic Cancer ResearchCarmel & Kelly's 30 day challenge - 10,000 steps a day for Pancreatic Cancer
25/08/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/08/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/08/201750Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
22/08/2017500Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
22/08/2017500Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
21/08/2017133.19Cancer CareGaelforce Women's Adventure race fundraising
14/08/201750Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
11/08/2017200Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
09/08/2017200Cancer Care in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous In Memory donation
08/08/2017100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
08/08/2017300Cancer Care in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous "In Memory" funeral donations
03/08/201710CancerAnonymous Standing Order
03/08/2017200Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
01/08/20178347.25ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
31/07/201726Pancreatic CancerSadhbh's Donation
28/07/2017395Patient Care & ResearchMini Marathon fundraising
27/07/201710000Cystic Fibrosis Research and CareBallingarry Friends of Cystic Fibrosis Road Race & Family Fun Day 2017
27/07/2017220Nephrology, Dialysis & RenalAnonymous In Memory donations
27/07/20174500Liver ResearchAbbVie Pharma
26/07/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/07/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/07/20171000Cystic FibrosisLaurence Keenan's Mailn to Mizen fundraising
24/07/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
22/07/20173735Liver UnitKevin McCormack's 60th Birthday fundraising
20/07/2017100Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
20/07/2017250Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
17/07/20172700Palliative CareHospital Saturday Fund (HSF) grant
17/07/2017100Patient CareMini Marathon fundraising
14/07/201755Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous donation in lieu of professional fee
13/07/2017750Liver UnitMini Marathon fundraising
13/07/20178614.01ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
13/07/2017265St. Vincent's Private Hospital - Palliative CareIn Memory donation - Gerard Hall on behalf of Arup Friends
11/07/2017300Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
11/07/201750Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
08/07/201755St Anne's OncologyAnonymous Donation in Lieu of Wedding Favours
07/07/2017135Old Age PsychiatryAnonymous "In Memory" funeral donations
05/07/201715Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
04/07/20171700St. Anne's CancerMini Marathon fundraising
03/07/20171120Liver UnitMini Marathon fundraising
03/07/201710CancerAnonymous Standing Order
30/06/2017120Patient CarePhone recycling proceeds
30/06/20171776Patient Care & ResearchCollection Box proceeds (2nd Quarter)
29/06/20175000DermatologyAbbVie Pharma
27/06/2017130000Lung ResearchFund Transfer
27/06/2017713Liver UnitMini Marathon fundraising
27/06/201750Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
26/06/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/06/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/06/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
26/06/20173537.65Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchJohn Cullen Memorial Fundraising 2017
25/06/2017250HaematologyAnonymous In Memory donation
25/06/2017100Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous Donation
23/06/20171141Liver UnitColin Keane & Friends Fundraising in Cork City Marathon
23/06/2017160Cancer ResearchMini Marathon fundraising
23/06/2017100Intensive Care UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
23/06/2017638.79St. Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
22/06/201715644.95Liver Unit ResearchAnonymous Donation from Dissolution of Trust
22/06/2017250Liver UnitAnonymous In-Memory Donation
19/06/2017300Patient CareAnonymous Donation
19/06/20171150Breast Cancer Patient careAnonymous In-Memory Donation
13/06/20175000DermatologyNovartis Ireland
09/06/201722.59St Anne's/OncologyAnonymous In-Memory Donation £20 Sterling
09/06/20178799.72ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
08/06/2017370St Anne's/OncologyGR8 TRIbe In-Memory Donation
08/06/201782Patient CareMini Marathon Fundraising
08/06/2017277.57Breast Cancer Patient careSt Francis' National School
08/06/2017550Emergency DepartmentEmergency Department Course Funds
07/06/201750St Anne's/OncologyAnonymous In-Memory Donation
06/06/2017100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
06/06/2017500Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
06/06/2017300I.C.UAnonymous In-Memory Donation
06/06/201750I.C.UAnonymous In-Memory Donation
06/06/2017200St Anne's/OncologyBrey Runners
06/06/201715000St Vincent's Private HospitalHugh Cooney Memorial Fundraising
06/06/201710CancerAnonymous Standing Order
02/06/20174802.24St Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
29/05/20173000Patient CareAnonymous Donation
26/05/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/05/20177000Liver Unit (HPB Conference)Medtronic Pharma
25/05/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/05/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/05/20172150Liver UnitAnonymous "In Memory" funeral donations
23/05/2017250Patient CareKBC Fund Management
19/05/20173000Liver Unit (HPB Conference)KeyMed Ireland Ltd.
18/05/201718000ObesityAnonymous Donation for Research Project
18/05/20171000Liver UnitFerring (Ireland) Ltd.
17/05/20171000St. Brigid's Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donations
16/05/2017150Cancer ResearchRathgar Ladies Keep Fit "In Memory" donation
15/05/20171000Diabetes UnitAnonymous Bequest
15/05/201790Intensive Care Unit"In Memory" donation from Heatons & Sports Direct Blanchardstown S.C.
15/05/201750Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
15/05/201710St Anne's OncologyAnonymous In Memory donation
13/05/2017100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
10/05/2017223.77Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation USD$250
09/05/201730Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
09/05/2017500Patient CareIrish Pensions & Finance
09/05/20172500Liver Unit (HPB Conference)Merck Serono Pharma
08/05/2017182Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donations
08/05/201770St Anne's OncologyAnonymous In Memory donation
03/05/2017200St Anne's/Cancer Patient careAnonymous Donation in Lieu of Wedding Favours
03/05/201750St Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Annual Standing Order
03/05/201710CancerAnonymous Standing Order
28/04/2017540.25Liver UnitAPC Microbiome Institute Coffee morning/Bake sale
27/04/2017500Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
27/04/2017100I.C.UTuam Men's Shed In-Memory Donation
27/04/20171500Lived Lives Project/Suicide in Ireland SurveyAnonymous Donation
27/04/201710Patient CareAnonymous Donation
26/04/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/04/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/04/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
18/04/201750Patient CareAnonymous Donation
12/04/2017100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
11/04/201750Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
11/04/20171550PsychiatryAnonymous Donation
10/04/2017100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
07/04/20172580Breast Cancer ResearchChristine Kearney's Easter Raffle 2017
05/04/2017100Patient CarePhone recycling proceeds
04/04/20171000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
04/04/201739.27Patient CareAnonymous Donation
04/04/2017560Endocrine ResearchSanofi Aventis Pharma
03/04/201714083.50Cardiac/I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation of training equipment
31/03/2017250End of Life SuitesAnonymous In Memory donation
31/03/20172100Patient Care & ResearchCollection Box proceeds (1st Quarter)
27/03/20173810Liver Unit/St. Brigid'sJoan McDermott's Fundraiser for the Liver Unit
27/03/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
27/03/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/03/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/03/20177500Liver ResearchAbbVie Pharma Limited
21/03/2017200Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
21/03/2017200Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
20/03/20175000UnrestrictedNovartis Ireland Limited - Business Partner
20/03/20174550Liver UnitEamonn & Mary Burke's New Year's Day Swim 2017
16/03/20173000Liver ResearchAbbVie Limited
15/03/2017155Breast Cancer ResearchMaisie Kelly's Pub Arklow - Raffle
15/03/201713306.89Cancer ResearchAnonymous Bequest
15/03/201740000Microbiology ResearchPhilantrophic Funds for Research Project
14/03/201715000St. Vincent's Private HospitalHugh Cooney Memorial Fundraising
13/03/2017240Patient CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
09/03/201750Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
03/03/2017198.10Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
01/03/201750intensive Care UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
27/02/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
27/02/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/02/2017500ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
24/02/201727.61Patient CareAnonymous In Memory £25 sterling donation
24/02/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/02/20171000Orthopaedic ResearchTekno Surgical
22/02/20172000Patient Care & Research2016 St. Vincent's Rugby Club Charity Ball
16/02/2017250Cardiac CareAnonymous Donation
16/02/201750ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
15/02/201750Patient Care & ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
13/02/20179267.84ObesityAnonymous donation for Research Project
10/02/20172500Palliative CareSt. Michael's College Student Fundraising
10/02/2017750Endocrine ResearchMerck Pharma
09/02/2017250Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
09/02/201750Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
01/02/201750Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
01/02/201720ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
31/01/201724851Psycho OncologyPsycho Oncology Fund
31/01/201720000St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation for Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support
30/01/2017100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
29/01/2017100Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
28/01/20172000St. Anne's OncologyMovember 2016 5km Run "In memory of Peter Coules"
26/01/20171250Palliative CareUCD Med Day 2016
26/01/201710StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/201710Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
25/01/201750Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
25/01/20171000Liver Unit/St. Brigid'sAnonymous Donation
25/01/201750ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/2017483.52Pancreatic Cancer CareTESCO Community Fund - Merrion Centre
24/01/201730Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
20/01/201760ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
20/01/2017100ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
20/01/201750ColorectalAnonymous In Memory donation
17/01/201730ColorectalClass of '87, The Teresian School - Anonymous In Memory donation
17/01/201750ColorectalClass of '87, The Teresian School - Anonymous In Memory donation
17/01/20179263.55ObesityAnonymous donation for Research Project
12/01/201780000Cancer ResearchAnonymous Bequest
12/01/2017150Patient CareBoard of Management Loreto College Mullingar
11/01/20172050St Anne's Cancer CareKathleen Doherty's 2016 Dublin Marathon fundraising
10/01/201750Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
06/01/2017100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
05/01/2017132.30Liver Unit2016 Dublin Marathon fundraising
03/01/201750Patient CareAnonymous donation
03/01/20171165Liver Unit2016 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
03/01/20171165Colorectal2016 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
03/01/20177043.80Liver Unit2016 Dublin Marathon fundraising - Melmore Marathoneers
03/01/201710Patient CareAnonymous Donation
03/01/2017127Pancreatic CancerCoffee Morning in memory of Margaret McKeon R.I.P. - additional funds
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor