2022 Archive

2022 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
01/03/20224000Liver Transplant Unit'A Run for Joeie' fundraising proceeds
12/01/20221774.92Cardiac UnitAnonymous Bequest
07/07/202220000St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Bequest
02/08/20225000The Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for counselling support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Bequest
10/10/2022500Emergency Dept.Anonymous Bequest
04/04/202279024.88Patient CareAnonymous Bequest GBP£66,156.55
05/01/20222100Social Work, Pancreatic Cancer & Emergency Dept.Anonymous donation
14/01/2022250Psycho OncologyAnonymous donation
14/01/202281.18Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous Donation
26/01/2022300NeurologyAnonymous donation
31/01/2022100Patient CareAnonymous donation
01/02/2022150Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
24/02/202280Patient CareAnonymous donation
24/02/202210Patient CareAnonymous donation
07/03/2022200Liver UnitAnonymous donation
16/03/202220Patient CareAnonymous donation
19/03/202220Liver UnitAnonymous donation
27/03/202210Patient CareAnonymous donation
31/03/2022500Cystic FibrosisAnonymous Donation
03/04/202210Breast Cancer patient careAnonymous donation
04/04/2022100Mental Health patient careAnonymous donation
28/04/2022100Liver UnitAnonymous donation
20/05/20221001Liver UnitAnonymous donation
26/05/2022250Vascular patient careAnonymous donation
26/05/2022200Liver UnitAnonymous donation
26/05/20222000Patient CareAnonymous donation
28/05/2022350Patient CareAnonymous donation
11/06/202220Patient CareAnonymous donation
16/06/202250Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support - St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous donation
20/06/2022500Breast CancerAnonymous donation
21/06/202250St. Monica's Ward (Cancer)Anonymous donation
21/06/202220Patient CareAnonymous donation
21/06/202210St. Anne's CancerAnonymous donation
30/06/202217Intensive Care UnitAnonymous donation
25/07/2022350Patient CareAnonymous donation
04/08/2022400Patient Care - Acute Surgical UnitAnonymous donation
16/08/2022350The Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for counselling support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
29/09/2022500I.C.U.Anonymous Donation
10/10/2022100St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous donation
10/10/202220Neurology patient careAnonymous donation
26/10/2022200Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous donation
01/11/2022100Patient CareAnonymous donation
04/11/202220Liver UnitAnonymous donation
02/12/202210NeurologyAnonymous donation
16/12/20221000Liver UnitAnonymous donation
16/12/2022100Patient CareAnonymous donation
19/12/202250Liver UnitAnonymous donation
20/12/2022200Liver UnitAnonymous donation
31/12/202227Liver UnitAnonymous donation
31/12/2022100Breast CancerAnonymous donation
07/12/202250Liver UnitAnonymous Donation for Christmas Cards
18/08/2022125Patient CareAnonymous donation in lieu of author's fee
10/01/2022900Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous In Memory donation
09/01/2022100End of Life SuitesAnonymous in Memory donation
09/01/202250Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous in Memory donation
02/01/2022100Pancreatic CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
10/01/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
18/01/202280Palliative CareAnonymous in Memory donation
23/01/2022100St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
28/01/2022100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
29/01/202250Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
09/02/2022250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
07/03/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
07/03/202225Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
07/03/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
08/03/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
10/03/202220Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
11/03/2022100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
10/03/2022100Pancreatic CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
21/03/2022100End of Life SuitesAnonymous in Memory donation
23/03/2022500Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
22/04/2022200Palliative CareAnonymous In Memory donation
29/04/2022100Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
13/05/2022250End of Life SuitesAnonymous in Memory donation
21/05/2022200St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
21/05/202210Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
29/05/2022100Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
01/06/2022500End of LIfe SuitesAnonymous in Memory donation
08/06/202210000Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
16/06/2022200St. Monica's Ward (Cancer)Anonymous in Memory donation
21/06/202250St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
21/06/202215St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
21/06/202210St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
28/06/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
28/06/202250Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
03/07/2022100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
28/07/2022400Cancer ResearchAnonymous in Memory donation
31/07/2022350Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
04/08/202210Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
04/08/202250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
04/08/2022100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
05/08/202210Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
05/08/202250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
05/08/202220Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
15/08/2022100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
18/09/2022200Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
18/09/2022100Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
26/09/2022183.33St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in memory donation
27/09/2022100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/09/2022100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
08/10/202220Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
18/10/202220Cardiac CareAnonymous in Memory donation
19/10/202220Cardiac CareAnonymous in Memory donation
22/10/202250Cardiac CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/10/2022100St. Anne's Oncology patient careAnonymous in Memory donation
04/11/2022100Cystic FibrosisAnonymous in Memory donation
06/11/202250St. Anne's CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
08/11/2022200Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
15/11/2022200Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
22/11/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/11/2022350Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
26/11/2022250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
25/11/202220Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
28/11/2022200Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
30/11/20222000Pancreatic Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
06/12/202220Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
06/12/202230Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
07/12/202250Stroke UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
07/12/202215Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
14/12/202250Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
18/12/2022160Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
17/12/202250Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
19/12/2022400Cancer ResearchAnonymous in Memory donation
19/12/2022250Pancreatic CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
20/12/2022200ChaplaincyAnonymous in Memory donation
20/12/202250Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
21/12/2022300Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
22/12/202250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
23/12/202250Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
24/12/2022200Patient CareAnonymous in memory donation
24/12/2022500Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
26/12/202210Patient CareAnonymous in memory donation
26/12/2022250Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
27/12/202225Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/12/202250Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
28/12/2022100Pancreatic CancerAnonymous in Memory donation
28/12/202220Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
29/12/202250Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
29/12/202225Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
29/12/2022300Stroke UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
29/12/202250Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
29/12/2022250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
30/12/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
31/12/202250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
20/05/2022250St. Michael's HospitalAnonymous In Memory funeral collection
17/02/2022500Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory Donation
20/07/2022100Liver UnitAnonymous in-memory Donation
21/07/2022250Patient CareAnonymous In-memory donation
12/08/2022100Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In-memory Donation
14/08/202250Liver UnitAnonymous In-memory Donation
17/08/202220Liver UnitAnonymous In-memory Donation
19/08/202220Liver UnitAnonymous In-memory Donation
21/08/202220Liver UnitAnonymous In-memory Donation
01/09/202250Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory Donation
07/11/202220Cancer- St Anne's/OncologyAnonymous In-memory donation
04/01/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/01/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/01/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/01/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
02/02/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
21/02/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/02/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/02/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
28/02/202210Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
02/03/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing order
21/03/202220Patienrt CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/03/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/03/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
28/03/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
04/04/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/04/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
25/04/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/04/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
26/04/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
02/05/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
04/05/202210St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Standing Order
20/05/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/05/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/05/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/05/202210Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
03/06/202221Cancer careAnonymous Standing Order
20/06/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/06/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
27/06/202210Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
27/06/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
04/07/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/07/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
26/07/202210Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/07/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/07/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
03/08/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
22/08/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/08/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/08/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/08/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
02/09/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/09/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
26/09/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/09/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/09/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
03/10/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/10/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/10/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/10/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/10/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
02/11/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
21/11/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
24/11/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/11/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
28/11/202210StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
02/12/202221Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/12/202220Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
29/12/202230Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
29/12/202250ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
29/12/202210Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
26/10/2022100St. Anne's Oncology patient careArlene Ui Chonghaile - In Memory donation
12/09/202210000ERC Research fundsBiobank Ireland Trust
16/09/20229234.90DermatologyBritish Skin Foundation funding grant
04/11/202211553.63Prostate Cancer Care & ResearchCaptains' Charity Day, Carrickmines Golf Club
14/07/20223250Neuro Endocrine Tumour research and patient careCarey Family - 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
12/09/20223065Leukaemia ResearchCarmel's 70th birthday fundraising
17/10/20222250I.C.U. Equipment & EducationCharlene & Padraig Murphy - The Dublin to The Deise cycle - Our Journey for Freya
31/12/2022518Patient CareChristmas Card sales
01/11/202275869DermatologyCity of Dublin Skin & Cancer Hospital Charity grant
16/06/2022340Patient CareClaire Ryan's 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
31/03/20221540.78Patient CareCollection Box proceeds - first quarter
30/06/2022950Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (2nd Quarter)
30/09/20221731.50Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (3rd Quarter)
31/12/20223101.99Patient CareCollection box proceeds (4th Quarter)
22/12/20225000St. Anne's Cancer CareCollen Charity Cycle 2022
20/04/20224128.29St. Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
19/10/20224994.55St. Michael's HospitalCommon Investment Fund (CIF) Dividends
06/04/20221500PsychoOncologyCorporate donation
26/01/20225000Cedar Ward, St. Vincent's Private HospitalDonation in memory of Janis Murphy Carter
15/12/2022250Sleep Lab ResearchDublin Clinical Neuroscience Ltd. CBAF Study payment
28/02/20223095Liver UnitEamonn & Mary Burke's St. Stephen's Day Charity Swim 2021
23/05/2022520Oncology Patient CareEast Knockbride N.S. In Memory donation
23/02/20222000Liver UnitFamily In Memory donation
04/01/20225000Cedar Ward, St. Vincent's Private HospitalFundraising in memory of Janis Murphy Carter
05/04/202227000RheumatologyGainshare Programme
19/05/2022192925ColorectalGainshare Programme
10/09/202246500DermatologyGainshare Programme
28/03/2022564Pre-Hospital Grand Rounds pharma supportGalen Ltd.
05/01/20225486.09Liver UnitGlasheen Christmas Lights fundraising
13/06/2022600Liver UnitGraham Memorial Clontibret Pipe Band collection proceeds
28/06/2022450Psycho Oncology fundsIrish Hospice Foundation
04/01/2022871.65Patient CareIrish Online Giving - Benevity donation
22/12/202265Patient CareIrish Online Giving Foundation
01/11/202221.34Patient CareIrish Online Giving Foundation - Benevity donation
12/08/2022300Patient CareIrish Tax Institute - Author donation
22/04/20223200St. Mark's WardJames Behan fundraising
24/02/20223000Cystic Fibrosis patient careJillian McNulty's Valentines Ball 2022
24/02/20221000Nephrology patient careJillian McNulty's Valentines Ball 2022
31/07/20224770The Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for counselling support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalKatie Gill's 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
06/07/2022585St. Brigid's Liver WardKatie Phelan & Friends 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
17/11/20221312.50Endocrinology fundsKyowa Kirin Services Limited
30/11/20222875Endocrinology fundsKyowa Kirin Services Limited
10/02/20221220Liver UnitL.C.C. Tennis fundraising
23/09/20222500Breast Cancer ResearchLeona Dwyer Charity Dance
10/06/20222605.35Liver UnitLucy McGivern & Friends 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
10/06/20222605.35Intensive Care UnitLucy McGivern & Friends 2022 Women's Mini Marathon fundraising
15/06/20225000Pain Medicine pharma supportMedtronic Ireland Ltd.
14/11/20228636.22Renal/Dialysis UnitMichael McHugh Memorial Raffle
19/04/20221000Oncology ResearchMine Electricians Boliden Tara Mines “In Memory” donation
02/12/2022147.76Patient CareMyCharity refund
24/01/20222000Lupus ResearchPadraig Smith fundraising
25/03/202274.14Patient CarePayPal Giving Fund donation
16/05/20225000Pain Medicine pharma supportPEI Surgical
25/01/202226000Peri-operative IV Iron Clinic SupportPharamacosmos UK Ltd.
10/09/202250Patient CarePrize Bond prize
10/01/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds Prize
17/01/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
19/04/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
20/06/2022100Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
26/09/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
03/10/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
28/11/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds Prize
05/12/202250Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
02/03/20223500Radiology ResearchRadiology Group
20/12/202260287.75Patient CareRefund of Finance Dept. overcharge 2021
29/03/20221670Pancreatic CancerSami Bouakkaz Movember fundraising
09/02/20222500Pancreatic Cancer researchSt. Michael's College Student fundraising
07/12/20221387.81Patient CareTax refund on donations
17/10/20225300Orthopaedic educational grantTekno Surgical
10/06/20223600Breast Cancer ResearchTom & Yvonne Smyth, with Carnew Mart - fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research
18/02/202237653.94Radiology ResearchTransfer of Radiology Reseach fund
27/06/202272000Obesity ResearchUCD Stipend
03/11/202236000Obesity ResearchUCD Stipend
05/07/20221041.83Patient CareUK Online Giving Foundation
12/09/2022500Patient CareVirginia Credit Union fundraiser in memory of Amanda Brady
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor