Donor & Fundraising Details

2023 Donations and Fundraising Proceeds Received

 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
26/01/202310Stroke UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/202345St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous in Memory donation
31/01/20231500Sleep LabRoyal College of Physicians - educational grant
03/01/202350Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
05/01/202320Patient CareChristmas Card sales
09/01/202350Patient CarePrize Bonds prize
09/01/202350Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
09/01/202340Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
09/01/202320Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
16/01/2023250Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
20/01/202320Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/01/202370Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
23/01/202330Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
27/01/202350Patient CareAnonymous in memory donation
27/01/2023100Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
01/02/202350Patient CareAnonymous in Memory donation
23/01/20231250Pancreatic Cancer care and researchAnonymous donation
24/01/2023100Palliative CareAnonymous in Memory donation
10/01/2023100000Medical Equipment & Patient CareAnonymous Donation
05/01/2023100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
03/01/202350Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
17/01/20231145Liver UnitAnonymous in Memory donations
19/01/20231000Liver UnitAnonymous donation
24/01/202330Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
26/01/2023500Liver UnitAnonymous donation
27/01/202310000Liver UnitRoche Products (Ireland) Limited
04/01/2023500Intensive Care UnitAnonymous donation
04/01/202350Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
04/01/2023450Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
03/01/202350Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
07/01/202350Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
09/01/202320Intensive Care UnitAnonymous in Memory donation
11/01/20232100Intensive Care UnitThe Country Club Bar & Lounge, Limerick - Christmas Raffle
11/01/20235000Emergency MedicineBayer Pharma educational grant
01/02/202310Cystic FibrosisAnonymous donation
10/01/20232280Colorectal Cancer care and researchLambay Christmas Lights fundraiser
25/01/202350ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
03/01/202321Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor