Here we highlight many of the things that our supporters have done to raise money for causes in St. Vincent's. We also promote upcoming events.


Fundraising in U.S.A. for St. Anne’s Cancer Care in St. Vincent’s:


Cancer Care services in St. Vincent’s were a beneficiary of $1,200 from a recent fundraising by the Sons of Erin – Healy Fishing Tournament in Massachusetts, U.S.A. This very generous...

Pre Hospital Blood and Fluid Warmer equipment purchase:


St. Vincent’s Foundation recently approved a grant for a system to enable blood transfusions be delivered at trauma scenes. Up to this, the patient could only receive blood when they...

Donation in memory of Pauline O’Reilly-Davis RIP for Cancer Care


In memory of his beloved wife Pauline O’Reilly-Davis, Winston Davis recently called in to present €550 for Cancer Care here in St. Vincent’s. This donation came from funeral donations and...

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VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – Sunday 2nd June 2019


We would like to thank all those people who have supported St. Vincent’s in this event over many years. If you are taking part this year, why not fundraise for...

St. Vincent’s Charity Ball


Every year the contemporary committee of St. Vincent’s Rugby Club organises a Charity Ball to benefit particular causes in St. Vincent’s Hospital. This year the Charity Ball is being held...

Blanket Raffle in St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill for the Liver Unit


In another example of generosity and creativity, the Transition Year students in St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill, Co. Cavan have undertaken a most novel enterprise to fundraise. Again this is...

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