Blanket Raffle in St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill for the Liver Unit


In another example of generosity and creativity, the Transition Year students in St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill, Co. Cavan have undertaken a most novel enterprise to fundraise. Again this is for the Liver Unit in St. Vincent’s.

Each student produced a woolen patch of knitting or crochet. The patches were then combined to form a blanket which is, quite simply, unique and a work of art in its own right. 

The blanket is now to be raffled, in Karen Jackson’s memory. Each entry in the raffle costs €1 and anyone who donates online here on our website, to support this raffle, will receive one entry in the raffle for each €1 donated.

The pictures of the blanket shown here with some of the T.Y. students, and their teacher Genevieve Gallagher, demonstrates the excellence of the work and the amount of effort that went into making it.

The raffle takes place on 5th February at 1.30pm.


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