Emmet’s Ten Tonne Challenge for Haematology


Emmet Burns undertook an amazing challenge to raise funds for Haematology care in St. Vincent’s University Hospital and for the Irish Cancer Society in 2021.

Most innovatively, Emmet lifted 10 Tonnes during the workout, by doing 50 squats, 25 deadlifts and 25 bench-press- all at 100kg; a truly gigantic undertaking.

The fundraising impact was enormous, as he raised a total of €46,008.60, with €23,004.30 going to each of the two charities benefitting.  St. Vincent’s is most grateful for this huge contribution to our Haematology care.

Thank you Emmet and thanks also to the many, many people who supported his fundraising.

Emmet recently called in with his mother to present his fundraising proceeds.

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