Fundraiser in memory of John Grant (Sconny) in aid of research into Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer 


There is a consensus among medical specialists that early detection is of primary importance in the outlook for patients with Pancreatic Cancer. As a consequence, St. Vincent’s University Hospital under the leadership of Prof. Kevin Conlon is prioritising research into early detection. We are delighted that the Grant Family are undertaking a series of fundraising activities to support this critical work.  They do so from the most tragic of circumstances following the loss of their beloved husband, father and brother John R.I.P.

The fundraising is really brought to life in the words of the family expressed below:

“On the 28th of January 2022 our lives changed forever after John passed away from Pancreatic Cancer after being diagnosed only 8 days prior.

Please support St. Vincent’s Research Foundation by donating funds or taking part in our raffle extravaganza”.

 If you would like to support this extremely worthy effort, the Grant Family has set up an iDonate fundraising page at

Sincere thanks to all on behalf of our current and future patients.

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