My Legacy Month


St. Vincent’s Foundation is a founder member of My Legacy. My Legacy is a collaboration of a number of charities seeking to encourage people to make a will. It is a very important process to ensure that your wishes, in relation to your assets, will be carried out in the event of your death. Too many family disagreements result from ambiguity as to who should benefit from one’s estate.  It can also set out issues of guardianship, if it is relevant, for dependent members of the family.

This time of year, My Legacy organises a promotional campaign to encourage the making of a will.

There are 3 Simple Steps to Writing a Will:

  1. Make an appointment with a solicitor: A solicitor will give expert advice and support. This is the first step to discuss your wishes and decisions for the future.
  2. Look after loved ones first: A will provides for loved ones, assigns guardians, protects assets, and helps reduce inheritance tax.
  3. Consider a legacy gift to charity: If you have a cause close to your heard, consider leaving a gift to that charity in your will. A gift may be big or small and is tax free.

Further information on how to make a will and the My Legacy Month campaign is available at


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