Tom & Yvonne Smyth, with Carnew Mart – fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research


In one of the most inventive fundraisers we have experienced, Tom & Yvonne Smyth decided to raised funds from the sale of a bullock, to support Breast Cancer Research in St. Vincent’s, where Tom’s sister Bridie had been a patient.

In an outstanding partnership with Carnew Mart, the bullock was auctioned on Saturday 4th June and fetched an extraordinarily fine price of €2,500. Carnew Mart topped this up with a direct contribution of €500 and subsequent donations from people aware of the sale, amounted to €600. The €3,600 thus raised is a terrific contribution to Breast Cancer Research here in St. Vincent’s.

Pictured are members of Tom & Yvonne’s family, including his sister Bridie and grand-daughter Casey, along with Dawn from Carnew Mart.

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