U.C.D. Med Day 2015


On the 16th October last, U.C.D. Medical Society held their annual charity day to support many worthy charities. St. Vincent’s is always included and we really appreciate this continued support.

On Med Day, hundreds of students took to the streets of Dublin to fundraise in bright attire and, with great energy and enthusiasm raised in excess of €27,000.

We were delighted to receive €1,500 for patient care, research and education here in St. Vincent’s.  We are really grateful to the students, who each year, make this contribution.

Since 2009 St. Vincent’s has received €14,500 from UCD Med Day. This has been an enormous contribution to research and medical care in St. Vincent’s.

UCD Med Day 2015

Pictured are Maria, Sarah & Patrick from Med. Soc. UCD presenting to John Hickey, St. Vincent’s Foundation.



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