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 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
31/12/2019150Stroke/Care of the ElderlyAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
31/12/201950Stroke/Care of the ElderlyAnonymous In Memory donation
31/12/20192327.73Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (4th Quarter)
31/12/20192327.73Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (4th Quarter)
30/12/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
30/12/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
30/12/2019200Cystic Fibrosis careAnonymous Donation
24/12/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/12/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
23/12/201937725.94Pancreatic Cancer care and researchJim Eustace Memorial Fundraising Dinner
23/12/20197262.45Pancreatic Cancer care and researchChristmas Cards & Raffle campaign
21/12/201925Pancreatic CancerAnonymous Donation
20/12/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/12/20199217.79Psycho Oncology services in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Bequest
20/12/2019500Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
19/12/2019120Cardiac CareAnonymous Donation
19/12/20191000Microbiology ResearchMenarini Pharma
18/12/2019500Vascular Patient CareAnonymous Donation
18/12/201920Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
16/12/201960Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
15/12/201930Patient CareAnonymous Donation
13/12/2019550Mental Health patient careWorkshop Wizards fundraising
11/12/2019561.59Patient CareTax refund on donations
11/12/201990420.39Patient CareRefund of un-used funds SVUH
11/12/201912264Liver UnitRefund of net un-used funds SVUH
11/12/201912747St. Anne's CancerRefund of un-used funds SVUH
09/12/2019900Psycho Oncology fundsRoche Products
09/12/201915Emergency Dept.Anonymous Donation
07/12/2019500Breast CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
06/12/201930Patient CareAnonymous Donation
06/12/2019250Patient CareAnonymous Donation
06/12/2019353.20Patient CareAnonymous Fundraising
03/12/201910St. Anne's CancerAnonymous Standing Order
03/12/2019350Cancer ResearchAnonymous Donation
03/12/2019800Patient CareAnonymous Donation
02/12/2019500St. Anne's CancerAnonymous Donation
27/11/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation in lieu of Christmas presents
26/11/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/11/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/11/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
22/11/201950Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
20/11/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/11/2019200Pancreatic CancerAnonymous Donation
19/11/20191000Pancreatic Cancer ResearchCoolmine Bridge Club Charity night
19/11/201915000Liver UnitAstellas Pharma
13/11/20191500Liver UnitGilead Pharma
11/11/20196625.29CardiologyCardiology Fund transfer
08/11/20194839.77Pancreatic Cancer care and researchJohn Cullen Memorial fundraising 2019
08/11/20193000HaematologyJanssen Pharma
06/11/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous In-Memory donation
06/11/2019700Nephrology Dialysis & RenalBaxter Healthcare
06/11/20192000HaematologySanofi Aventis Ireland Ltd.
04/11/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
04/11/20191500Liver UnitPfizer Pharma
01/11/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous In-Memory donation
31/10/2019100Patient CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
30/10/20193625Liver UnitSt Finbarr's Ladies GAA, Women's Marathon Fundraising in memory of Karen Jackson
30/10/2019400Liver UnitMartin O'Reilly fundraising competition in memory of Karen jackson
29/10/20193202.13Breast Cancer Patient Care/ResearchHazel Brack's Pink Day - Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt
29/10/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
28/10/201930Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
25/10/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/10/201930Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
24/10/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/10/2019802Pancreatic Cancer ResearchBuncrana Golf Club
23/10/20193775.75Breast Cancer careChristine Kearney's Halloween Raffle
22/10/201940Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
21/10/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
21/10/20192600St. Anne's CancerTom Kennedy Memorial Vintage Car Show 2019
18/10/20192000St. Anne's / Oncology careAES, Bord na Mona
18/10/20194887.81St. Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
17/10/2019250Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
14/10/2019170Patient CareAnonymous Donation
08/10/201914070St. Anne's CancerVartry Rowing Club Wicklow - Celtic Challenge, Arklow to Aberystwyth May 2019
08/10/2019400Liver Unit & CancerSiobhan & Brian's Wedding Favours
07/10/2019100Breast Cancer ResearchAnonymous Donation
07/10/201920Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
04/10/20191000St. Agnes WardAnonymous In Memory donation
03/10/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
30/09/2019100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory Donation
30/09/201943.16Patient CareAnonymous US Dollar Donation
30/09/20192047.90Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (3rd Quarter)
26/09/2019250St. Vincent's Private Hospital OncologyAnonymous In Memory donation
25/09/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/09/201914000Cystic Fibrosis careJohn Delaney Golf Classic
25/09/201926Patient CareAnonymous Donation
24/09/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/09/2019500Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
21/09/201925Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
20/09/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/09/2019320Breast CancerDonation from Dept. of Economics, Finance & Accounting, Maynooth University
20/09/2019100I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
18/09/201920Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
18/09/201930Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
17/09/201950Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
16/09/201975Patient Care2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
06/09/201910500Cystic Fibrosis patient comfort and researchBallingarry Friends of Cystic Fibrosis fundraising 2019
03/09/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
30/08/2019699.78Patient CareAnonymous Donations through UK Online Giving Foundation
29/08/201915000Scalp Cooling System (Cold Caps) St. Anne's Day Care CentreHighbury Lane Properties donation
28/08/201925Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
27/08/2019270Liver UnitAnonymous Corporate Donation in gratitude
26/08/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
26/08/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/08/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
26/08/2019100Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous corporate donation
26/08/2019750Robotic SurgeryAnonymous Donation
26/08/2019750Robotic Surgery equipmentAnonymous Donation
26/08/2019100Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous Corporate donation
26/08/2019107.28Patient CareAnonymous sterling donation
20/08/2019100Patient CareAnonymous Donations
20/08/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
20/08/2019626Liver Unit2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
20/08/2019200Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory Anniversary donation
17/08/2019100I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
16/08/2019164.10Patient CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
15/08/2019750ColorectalSt. Vincent's Rugby Football Club - Charity Ball 2019
15/08/2019536.31Patient Care2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
15/08/201930Cancer Care (Cold Caps project)Anonymous Donation
14/08/2019750Neurology M.S. patient care2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
13/08/2019180Breast Cancer care2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
10/08/2019250Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
09/08/20191057.83St. Anne's CancerSons of Erin - Healy Fishing Tournament fundraising $1,200 - in memory of Stephen Kelly
08/08/2019200St. Anne's CancerAnonymous Donation
08/08/2019498.76Liver UnitCamino Walk fundraising
06/08/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
06/08/20198795.69Respiratory research projectFitbit Inc
03/08/201950Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
01/08/20191950Cancer Care (Cold Caps project)2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
31/07/20195037.50St. Michael's HospitalCommissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
30/07/2019100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
30/07/201950Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
30/07/2019150Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
30/07/201950Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
30/07/2019644Liver Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donations
26/07/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/07/2019420Palliative CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
25/07/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/07/2019790.32Pancreatic Cancer care and researchCarmel & Erin's 10,000 steps challenge
24/07/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
23/07/2019161.67Patient CareSimon Holmes Camino Walk
23/07/2019300Cancer ResearchAnonymous In Memory donation
23/07/2019150Respiratory (COPD) patient careAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
22/07/2019200Liver UnitFamily donation in memory
21/07/2019130.92End of Life SuitesAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
17/07/201950I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
16/07/2019168Cancer ResearchMovember sponsorship plus personal donation
15/07/2019170Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
12/07/201950Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
10/07/2019275I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donations
10/07/201986Psycho Oncology fundsAnonymous Donation
04/07/2019200Liver Unit2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
04/07/20191220Liver Unit2019 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
03/07/2019550Cancer CareDonations in memory of Pauline O'Reilly-Davis R.I.P.
03/07/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
30/06/20192228.40Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (2nd Quarter)
27/06/2019119.50Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
27/06/2019100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
26/06/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/06/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/06/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/06/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/06/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/06/201950Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous In Memory donation
24/06/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
22/06/201950Neuro Endocrine TumourAnonymous In-Memory donation
21/06/2019421.41Endocrine (Diabetes)Anonymous Donation
20/06/201990Patient Care2019 Women's Mini Marathon Sponsorship
20/06/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
19/06/20195Patient CareAnonymous Donation
18/06/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
18/06/2019141.20Cancer Care (Cold Cap Project)2019 Women's Mini Marathon Sponsorship
17/06/201975Neurology Patient Care/ResearchAnonymous In-Memory donation
17/06/201950Neurology Patient Care/ResearchAnonymous In-Memory donation
17/06/2019100Breast Cancer Patient Care/ResearchAnonymous In-Memory donation
13/06/20191063.32Liver Unit2019 Women's Mini Marathon Sponsorship
13/06/2019100Palliative CareAnonymous In-Memory donation
11/06/2019730Liver Unit2019 Women's Mini Marathon Sponsorship
07/06/201950St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
07/06/2019565Palliative Care in St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
06/06/20191000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
06/06/20191900Rheumatology educational grantPfizer Healthcare Ireland
04/06/201950Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
04/06/2019100St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory Donation
04/06/201970St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory Donation
04/06/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
04/06/2019100Endocrine (Diabetes)Anonymous Donation
03/06/201910Palliative CareAnonymous Donation
29/05/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
29/05/2019200Nephrology Dialysis & RenalAnonymous In Memory donation
29/05/201920000St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation for Hugh Cooney Memorial Fund for Counselling Support
29/05/20191300St. Anne's Cancer - Family Room refurbishmentJames Gill Memorial funding
27/05/20195Pancreatic CareAnonymous In Memory donation
27/05/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
27/05/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/05/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
24/05/20195000Dermatology Psoriaris Shout Out Event 2018Novartis Ireland Ltd.
22/05/2019250Patient CareKBC Fund Management
21/05/201920St. Vincent's Private HospitalAnonymous Donation
20/05/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
16/05/2019120Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
13/05/2019550Pancreatic CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
03/05/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
03/05/20192000Patient Care2019 Sligo Warriors Run
03/05/201950Patient CareAnonymous Donation
03/05/201920Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
02/05/201910000Neurology M.S. patient careAnonymous Bequest
02/05/201950St. Vincents Private HospitalAnonymous Standing Order
01/05/20191000Patient CareAnonymous Donation
30/04/2019100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
29/04/201910Patient CareAnonymous Donation
28/04/2019140Respiratory Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
26/04/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/04/2019450Psycho Oncology fundsDonation
25/04/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
25/04/20191474.19St. Brigid's Liver UnitThe Ireland Funds - Wunderkinder Foundation in memory of Prof. Michael O Suilleabhain R.I.P.
24/04/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
24/04/201920Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
24/04/20191285EndocrineUCB Pharma
23/04/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
21/04/20191000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
17/04/2019200Patient CareAnonymous Donation
17/04/20194000Cystic FibrosisJillian McNulty's Valentines Ball 2019
17/04/2019350Oncology patient careAnonymous In Memory donation
17/04/20193125Breast Cancer careChristine Kearney's Easter Raffle
16/04/20193500OrthopaedicTekno Surgical
15/04/2019387Liver Research projectAbbvie Ltd.
14/04/20191000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
11/04/201914.25RespiratoryAnonymous Donation
10/04/20191000Breast Cancer servicesAnonymous Donation
09/04/2019100St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
08/04/20192190Pancreatic Cancer & Bereavement Counselling in St. Vincent's Private HospitalGeraldine Nolan Memorial Concert
05/04/201970Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
04/04/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
02/04/20195000Liver UnitAnonymous Bequest
31/03/20192147.64Patient CareCollection Box proceeds (1st Quarter)
27/03/201950Breast CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
26/03/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/03/2019200Patient CareAnonymous Donation
25/03/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/03/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
21/03/2019200RespiratoryAnonymous In Memory donation
20/03/20196030Liver UnitEamonn & Mary Burke's St. Stephen's Day Charity Swim 26th December 2018
20/03/20192000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
20/03/201920Patient CareAnonymous Standing Order
19/03/2019400Liver UnitSt. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill – Blanket raffle - in memory of Karen Jackson
14/03/2019200Liver UnitPaddy & Gill's Wedding Favours
14/03/2019350Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
12/03/201960Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
07/03/2019870Psycho Oncology fundsRoche Products
06/03/201920I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
06/03/2019130I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory retiring collections
06/03/201950I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
06/03/201910I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory donation
04/03/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
04/03/201917397.01Respiratory research projectFitbit Inc
01/03/201940Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
28/02/2019150Patient Care2018 Women's Mini Marathon sponsorship
28/02/20195000Elm Mount UnitAnonymous Donation
28/02/20193500Liver ResearchBayer Ltd.
27/02/2019700Liver UnitSt. Finbarr's Ladies F.C. fundraising in memory of Karen Jackson
27/02/2019100Liver UnitAdditional Dublin Marathon fundraising in memory of Karen Jackson
26/02/20191200Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
26/02/20191200Liver UnitGlanmire Macra Na Feirme fundraiser
26/02/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
26/02/2019200Patient CareAnonymous Donation
26/02/2019200Patient CareAnonymous Donation
25/02/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
25/02/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
20/02/2019180Liver UnitCarrigtwohill Folk Choir fundraiser
19/02/2019100Respiratory (St. Paul's Ward)Anonymous In Memory donation
18/02/201950St. Vincent's Private Hospital OncologyAnonymous In Memory donation
15/02/20191000Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
15/02/20192500Robotic Surgery developmentSt. Michael's College Student Fundraising
15/02/2019156.20St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
13/02/2019100Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
13/02/2019450Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
13/02/201960Respiratory (St. Paul's Ward)Anonymous In Memory donation
12/02/20191000Patient CareIrish Pensions & Finance
12/02/2019100Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
10/02/201940Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
09/02/201950St. Anne's CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
08/02/201960000St. Vincent's Private HospitalHugh Cooney Memorial Fund
08/02/201920Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
08/02/201930Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
08/02/2019200Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory donation
08/02/2019300Respiratory (St. Paul's Ward)Anonymous In Memory funeral donations
06/02/2019143.29Liver UnitAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
06/02/201950RespiratoryAnonymous In Memory donation
04/02/2019100Music for Patients ProgrammeAnonymous Donation
04/02/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
04/02/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
04/02/201910000Patient CareAnonymous Donation
28/01/201910StrokeAnonymous Standing Order
25/01/201950ColorectalAnonymous Standing Order
24/01/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
24/01/201950Palliative CareAnonymous In Memory donation
24/01/201940Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
21/01/2019350Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donations
21/01/201910Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
19/01/201910Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
19/01/201930Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
19/01/201930Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
18/01/20192000Liver UnitSt. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill – fundraising 10km walk in memory of Karen Jackson
18/01/201930Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
17/01/201915Patient CareAnonymous In Memory donation
17/01/201915Patient CareAnonymous Donation
16/01/2019200Renal UnitAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
15/01/201910Breast CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
15/01/201920Pancreatic CancerAnonymous In Memory donation
15/01/201915Patient CareAnonymous Donation
15/01/201920Pancreatic CancerAnonymous Donation
15/01/201920Patient CareAnonymous Donation
14/01/2019250Liver UnitAnonymous Donation
14/01/20193570Liver Unit2018 Women's Mini Marathon and related fundraising in memory of Linda Killian
14/01/2019105Liver UnitAviva Insurance Commercial Motor & Farm Dept. Kriskindle donation
11/01/2019100Patient CareAnonymous Donation
09/01/20195844Liver UnitAoife Sully's Liver Transplant event
09/01/2019250I.C.U.Anonymous In Memory funeral donations
09/01/20191050Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchFuneral donations in memory of Evelyn Stewart
03/01/2019100Cancer CareAnonymous In Memory funeral donations
03/01/201930Liver UnitAnonymous Standing Order
03/01/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
03/01/201910Cancer CareAnonymous Standing Order
02/01/20192095Pancreatic Cancer Care & ResearchCoffee Morning in memory of Margaret McKeon RIP
 Date Amount Restricted to Contributor
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